Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Lone Ginger: Part 1


When Kathy Griffin’s in the room, nobody else matters. Her ability to make us writhe in pee-withholding pain induced by hysterical laughter is only overshadowed by our intense desire to worship her like the comedic goddess she is.

After covering her whore-like domination of the being-funny business for close to six years now, we’ve written about her more than any other celebrity. Even Alec Mapa, whom we featured three times in the span of a month.

But we finally got Kathy (we’re on a first-name basis now) to sit down for an interview, which is a bigger get in our world than Oprah’s planned post-rehab exploitation of heart-to-heart with Lindsay Lohan.

Gay List Daily: Thank you so much. We’ve been trying to get an interview with you for years.  It’s truly a thrill.
Kathy Griffin: How can I not have done an interview with you at a place called Gay List Daily when my life is the Gay List Daily.

GLD: Who knew it would be easier once you became über-successful.
KG: You’re darn right. I’m looking at your web site and it really is quite beautiful. I’m ready to treat the gays in Dallas Adjacent to quite a night. And I love people who say Dallas Adjacent because I love me some Grand Prairie. But it’s not going to stop me from making fun of them for being Dallas Adjacent.

GLD: Not a problem. We all just say Dallas for everything unless we’re making fun of a suburb ourselves. Much easier that way.
KG: What’s the name of the gay neighborhood in Dallas?

GLD: Depends who you ask. Some people call it Oak Lawn, some people call it Cedar Springs, but the main area is near the intersection of those two streets.
KG: (Laughing): For one second I thought you said the streets get death threats. I thought only in Texas would a fucking cross street with gay people get death threats. (Speaking in a heavy Texas accent): “Dear Streets of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs, I’m gonna kill you gay people.” We’re not there any more, Honey. DOMA’s gone, Prop 8 is gone, we’re gonna talk it all out in my show.

GLD: You come to Dallas a lot, but Grand Prairie is a lot different than when you performed at the Meyerson Symphony Center.
KG: Oh my God, I love that place, but the rent’s too high. You know, that’s how touring really works. I don’t want to shatter your bubble, but it’s really quite simple. The way touring works, an artist only plays a venue that’s affordable. So I’d like to say that I played the symphony hall because I’d been taking my cello lessons, but really I only popped for the rent that one time. I really do love playing Dallas for real.

I’ll be bringing my heterosexual younger boyfriend, so just go ahead and start your judgment. I know how you gays are. You’ve got a lot of nerve. Let’s cut the shit. You guys invented it and now I can’t have any fun because my boyfriend just happens to be 18 years younger. You judgmental son-of-a bitch.

GLD: Oh we’re not judging. We’re jealous. The only thing, when we look him up online, you’re always in a bikini and he’s practically in a scuba suit or burka coming out of the ocean.
KG: (Laughs heartily): No, I know. It’s actually really funny. He goes in the water with a tank top. I don’t know, probably because I convince him a lot of the time that he’s fat and he’s going to lose me and I’m going to dump him for a 24-year-old. Young guys, you’ve gotta keep them on edge.

GLD: Oh yeah. Keep their self esteem low.
KG: Do you think you can predict the activity of Grindr during my show?

GLD: It’ll probably be like Twitter during Sharknado. It’s going to shut down the whole Grindr system for sure.
KG: You know it’s interesting that you say that. I’m actually giving out an award to…

[interview edited after we promised not to reveal her comments, which she does anyway a few minutes later].

KG: Oh shit. I shouldn’t have told you that. Fuck. Anyway, let’s say that you knew someone who was giving out an award to a groundbreaking film. A film that changed the way we saw…fish. And I don’t mean vagina. And yes, so I’m a little too excited to be giving out an award at the Young Hollywood Awards, and this is like a televised, legit awards show. It’s going to be televised [Thursday night] and they asked me if I wanted to give an award out to the cast of The Hunger Games, or Twilight or any movie that young Hollywood people might like. Boom, this conversation’s over. Sharknado.

GLD: You know they’re doing a one-time midnight screening Friday night all over the country, right?
KG: Well they should because it goes like this: Gone with the Wind, let’s throw in Platoon, and then since this is a gay site, let’s go ahead and throw in Showgirls and Burlesque. And Sharknado. And we put them in a time capsule and we send them to Mars.

GLD: Well, they discovered water on Mars so the whole Sharknado thing could really freak them out.
KG: Oh, can you imagine the sharks there? They could actually be in the middle of a Sharknado on Mars and we wouldn’t even know about it.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of our interview with Kathy where she’ll reveal her thoughts on Justin Bieber, Harry Styles possible bisexuality and her record-breaking place in standup history.

Kathy Griffin Live in Concert
Friday, August 9, 8:00 p.m.
Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie

Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz


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