Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Awkward & Upward


It’s been a really long time since we’ve come of age. That was, as they say in early American folklore, “many, many margaritas ago.”

So it’s nice whenever there’s a new take on those disarmingly funny life experiences that we all faced in one form or fashion. Of course, the more tragic and bizarre they are for other people, the more enjoyable they are to everyone else.

A fine example of the latter arrives courtesy of Josh Thomas, a 25-year-old Australian comedian who’s the writer, creator and Executive Producer of an original series, Please Like Me, debuting today on Pivot.tv.

By incorporating his own painfully awkward experiences (and his real-life dog), there’s an element of truth that shines through every moment of quirky hilarity. During the course of a single day, he gets dumped by his girlfriend, telling him that he’s gay over a very expensive ice cream sundae. Then he moves in with his mother who has just attempted suicide.

That’s a setup for comedy if we ever saw one.

Thankfully, it only gets better from there. And you won’t have to wait to find out for yourself because all six episodes of the series are available online today.

Then binge to your heart’s content. Either on Please Like Me episodes, margaritas, or both.

Please Like Me
Premieres today on www.pivot.tv

Photo Credit: Michael Muller