Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Our Cups Runneth Over


Please join us for a moment of silence.

Today we celebrate the life of a magnificent man, Thomas Hancock (May 8, 1786 – March 26, 1865). This noble Englishman single-handedly allowed our lives to be filled with immeasurable joy and unequivocal sexiness.

Because without his ingenious invention of elastic, we wouldn’t have underwear.

And without underwear, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate what should be the highest of holidays on the gay calendar – National Underwear Day.

Yes, today is the day that the men of our country unite under one common bond: the unalienable right to keep our junk gently in place. From the briefest of briefs to the most joyous of jocks, we all put our underwear on one leg at a time and that’s a common bond that can’t be broken.

So instead of our usual Underwear of the Month feature, we have gotten together with five of our favorite brands to unleash an unimaginable amount of undies on you, our beloved cotton/lycra/spandex-clad subscribers. Simply register at the end of this story for your chance to sport something spectacular.

If you’re lucky, you’ll win the latest from 2(X)IST, Candid (above), Marek + Richard, Jack Adams and Wood. But the chance of getting free skivvies shouldn’t stop you from cleaning out the underwear drawer and ordering a few pairs from each of these great brands.

It’s our way of supporting those that support us. In all the right places.

Happy National Underwear Day, fellas!

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