Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fakin’ & Eggs


Brunch. Always better with duct tape, high heels and fake tits.™

That’s our motto, but also that of the Guys & Dolls LifeWalk team. And this weekend they’re putting that concept to the test at their 3rd annual drag brunch at Woodfire Kirby’s.

A $30 donation gets you a scrumptious meal while you’re serenaded by Lotta Pink, Ima Lush, Sabrina Starr, Heather Thomas and Beyonca Deleon. They’ll be busting their butts to shimmy and shake for you, so plan to tip generously. Because their lady eggs are going to be as scrambled as the ones on your plate by the time they’re done.

Best of all, every $1, $5, $10 or $20 bill you slip into their control-top panties goes directly to benefit AIDS LifeWalk 2013 and AIDS Arms of Dallas, Inc. Proceeds from all specialty cocktails concocted specifically for this event (and made in the likeness of each drag queen), as well as a majority of the entry fee will all be donated to the cause, courtesy of a very generous Kirby’s Woodfire Grill.

There will also be raffles prizes and auction items, but we recommend bidding on those before you have too many Lotta Pinkaritas or Sabrina Startinnis. Because a tipsy bidder, though generous, too often ends up with large-scale artwork in their kitchen that in the light of day clearly features a spread-eagle naked woman.

And sometimes you get a Chili’s giftcard. Really just depends.

3rd Annual Guys & Dolls Drag Brunch
$30 (includes all-you-can-eat buffet; cocktails extra)
RSVP REQUIRED by Thursday, August 8 to jerrymcdonald@sbcglobal.net.

Woodfire Kirby’s
3525 Greenville Ave  Dallas, TX 75206
(214)  821-2122