Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You’ve Got Baggage


It used to be that the components of our daily grooming routine took up an entire suitcase for even the shortest getaways.

But all those stupid checked baggage fees made us reassess our clinging-to-youth rituals a bit. After all, are the go-go boys in Miami really going to remember whether we showed up to their pole or cage with less than a five-step moisturizing process?

So now that we’ve pared down our oils of Olay and adolescent-whale spunk to a manageable amount, we’ve been searching for a dopp kit that lived up to the task of containing our cosmetics. All in manly style.

Introducing the Döppel Bag from the Nuts & Bolts Collection over at Würkin Stiffs, makers of those fantastic collar stays and RFID wallets we love so much.

Made with the toughest ballistic nylon available and an easy-to-clean polyurethane lining, it’s just big enough to hold what we need and ready to handle even the most traumatic of lube or toothpaste explosions.

Yet small enough that American Airlines won’t charge us $125 to bring it with us.

Döppel Bag
Available in 5 color options