Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Buy A Foreigner A Beer


While Bear Grylls is worried about teaching us how to survive in the wild, we’re more concerned with how to get through one night in exotic lands like Croatia, Turkey or Iceland.

Of course, the key to our survival is making sure we don’t go thirsty.

That’s why we downloaded the “Pivo – Order A Beer” app. Now we can conjure up a brew in 59 different languages. Each phrase is spelled correctly with accents, funny letters and everything, so you can simply point to your screen when the bartender makes eye contact.

Or opt for phonetic pronunciations and support videos featuring native speakers to order it out loud like a man. A proud Albanian man! Or happy Zulu warrior. The world’s now your beer garden.

Sadly, though, the app unearthed the sad truth to a recent encounter with a crazy-handsome Serbian guy who walked up to us in a bar, smiled big and said, “Jedno pivo, molim.”

All he was saying was, “A beer, please.”

And there we stood with our pants around our ankles like an idiot.

Pivo – Order A Beer App