Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!



Let’s face it. Margaritas have become a little boring.

Sure, some restaurants dump a beer upside down in one or adorn with an extra umbrella, but we crave something far more exotic. Something from a Breaking Bad-style laboratory where margaritas are made instead of meth.

Thankfully, there’s a way.

Now, you can create magical tequila concoctions in your very own home (or RV in the desert) with the Margarita R-Evolution kit from Molecule-R.

Included are packets of Calcium Lactate, Sodium Alginate and Soy Lecithin along with detailed instructions to create margarita slushes with fresh lemon mousse. Or blue azure suspended pearls that float inside the cocktail like a lava lamp. You can even create an edible version.

And if margaritas aren’t your thing, never fear. They’ve got kits to create wild and crazy mojitos and cosmopolitans, too.

We just wish they’d taught this kind of science in high school. At least it would be something useful that we could practice on a regular basis.

Because by the time Thanksgiving rolls around every year, we never remember how to dissect a cat.

Molecular Mixology Kits