Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Fresh At A Church


We just got our lab results back from the doctor. And though we’re happy to report that we’re free of syphilis, hepatitis and gonorrhea (clap! clap!), our cholesterol is off the charts.

As a result, we’ve been instructed to change our eating habits or face the consequences of a lifetime of medication. So we’re going to cut back on fried foods, eat less read meat and stop covering our morning Cheerios in butter, mayonnaise and boiled shrimp.

It also means consuming a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, for us, we have to make a game of something to find enjoyment in it. And let’s face it, shopping for produce at a grocery store can be extremely dull (other than the heavy cruising between melon selections).

But if we meet the people who harvest the apples and dig up the carrots for our new mid-day snack, suddenly it’s a social exercise and not a forced lifestyle change. That’s why we love going to the farmer’s market.

Best of all, there’s one right in the gayborhood at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church that we’re going to hit every weekend now that the weather’s finally dipping a bit. There, we can grab the freshest fruits, veggies, breads, eggs and grass-fed meats to create delightful, healthy meals.

Besides, nothing gets us more excited about vegetables again than a hot farmer with a really big cucumber.

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church Farmer’s Market
Saturdays through October
8:00 a.m.-noon
3014 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
(214)  521-5197