Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pocket Protector


Our passion for underwear has afforded us many fantastic perks. We get sent free pairs all the time. We have a digital photo album filled with underwear models. And now we’re even being asked to test out underwear prototypes.

The latest innovation to find a home in our alphabetized, color-coded Drawer o’ Man Panties is Adventure Underwear. Currently, it’s in the final stages of a Kickstarter campaign to move into mass production.

What struck us immediately is the fact that they’re made of 100% superfine Australian merino wool. Seriously? Wool underwear sounded like pure torture in the heat of summer. Yet surprisingly, they’re so soft, lightweight and naturally breathable that they dry fast and won’t retain odors while keeping you cool in hot climates and warm in cold weather.

But what really sold us on these comfortable and sexy trunks is the two inner pockets. One is for quick access to credit cards, identification or cash. The second is a bit larger to hold a passport or mobile phone. Plus, it’s certified waterproof up to 200 feet underwater.

So now we can hit the beach, stroll around the ship on a gay cruise or dance the night away at a circuit party in nothing but our skivvies, knowing that all our valuables are tucked safely away next to our most prized possession.

And by pledging on Kickstarter, you can snag a pair for less than retail. Making you first on the block to have a wooly mammoth.

Or a wooly micro. We won’t judge.

Adventure Underwear
Retail Price: $49 per pair
Kickstarter Pledge: $39 for one pair (estimated ship date September); $97 for three pairs; $3997 for five pairs and a 6-night, all-expenses vacation for two to Mexico with the founders