Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Fruitful Experience


When life gives you lemon, make water.

Stick with us here.

Juice is full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But it’s also full of sugar, no matter how naturally derived. So what if you could get many of the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables without all those pesky calories?

Dallas-based Koa might just be the answer. It’s an organic water squeezed from fresh ingredients, including pomegranate, orange, amla fruit, annatto, guava, holy basil, red sea lettuce, heirloom carrots and lemons.

Then they take out all the color and flavor, leaving behind an ultra-pure water with zero calories, nine vitamins and 10 minerals.

It’s a crazy way to get to something so refreshing and, well, flavorless.

But it’s quite possibly the most delicious flavorlessness you’ll ever drink.

Koa Organic Water
$59.99 per case online at www.koawater.com
Also available individually at these Dallas stores