Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sweet, Sweet Buzz


Winter. It’s coming. Promise.

And with it, Hot Cocoa Season!

Also, the uncontrollable desire to stay in bed huddled under a down comforter while the snow drifts slowly downward and the hum of the heater keeps our droopy eyes from springing to life.

Yet neither the world (nor our boss) cares how cozy we are at any given time.

We need caffeine. Massive quantities of caffeine.

Coffee will do the trick. So would a Big Gulp full of Diet Coke. Yet to us, winter is all about indulging in hot cocoa, preferably curled up on the sofa watching Real Housewives or on a ski lift toward a mountain top chalet.

Thankfully, there’s CoGo, a delicious hot chocolate that has as much caffeine as an eight-ounce cup of java, giving us the boost we need to face even the coldest day.

And right at this moment, freezing temperatures are a distant dream. But when they finally get here, we’ll be prepared as hell.

CoGo Caffeinated Cocoa
$29.50 (50-pack) at www.amazon.com