Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

All Help Breaks Loose


Helping people feels great. But doing good deeds is so much more fun with a bunch of other homosexuals, plain and simple.

That’s why we’re so excited that we finally have a Dallas chapter of Gay for Good, an organization that aims to energize and mobilize the LGBT community to interact with our city’s community by volunteering our time to various social welfare and environmental service projects.

This Saturday, they’re hosting their first volunteer project at the Dallas Zoo. They need 40 people to help take down an exhibit at the animal hospital, complete an exhibit at the reptile house, and work on tasks in the Wilds of Africa bird section. (Hopefully nothing involving lappet-faced vulture poop.)

Best of all, when you’re done volunteering, you can explore the zoo for free. Lunch will be available at a discount, too.

Simply register at the link below then show up on Saturday morning. At the parking gate, let the attendant know that you’re there for a volunteer group project and they’ll let you in for free. Meet at the membership desk to sign a waiver and volunteer application. Then you’ll be divided into groups where you’ll be guaranteed to meet some really great people.

Because there are already enough bitchy-queen charter members of Gay for Evil. And it’s about time we outnumber them.

Gay for Good – Dallas
August 24, 8:30am
Full details and registration at www.gayforgood.org