Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Look Ma, No Hands!


Get ready online daters and hooker-uppers. The selfie is about to change forever.

No longer will you be forced to shoot photos in the spotty mirrors of health club locker rooms or in full-length closet mirrors at home with all your dirty clothes scattered about behind you.

It’s all thanks to Tiltpod, available in models compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and 5, or nearly any digital camera. We tried out the iPhone 5 version and love it.

A pocket-sized grippy stand attaches to your key ring so it’s always handy. Then simply clip it onto your bare naked iPhone 5 or the included protective case and voilà!

You can set up any shot, whether you’re on vacation and hope to capture yourself in front of a dramatic sunset while tourists are attacked by sharks in the nearby water or you need to videotape your workout to ensure proper form (above). It works in landscape and portrait orientations, too.

Better still, Tiltpod makes it much easier to watch video on your phone or make FaceTime calls.

Of course, we can imagine other scenarios where a hands-free video camera might be necessary. You know, evening Bible studies. Mahjong tournaments with your grandmother and her friends. Posing with a litter of kittens available for adoption.

Also, homemade porn. It would be great for that.

Tiltpod Mobile 5 + Case
$29.95 (caseless versions, $14.95)