Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Worth Screwing


Despite the limpness of our wrists and the lightness in our loafers, we’re actually quite handy around the house. Ask anyone.

We’ve never met an IKEA living room that we couldn’t assemble like we had the help of magical elves when nobody was looking. All we need is a bottle of voddie, some ABBA, a two-inch allen wrench and six hours to unveil a mostly un-lopsided futon, two floor lamps and a three-legged coffee table covered in swedish meatballs and lingonberry stains.

But beyond that, our home improvement repertoire is pretty limited.

Until now.

Introducing our favorite set of tools this side of One Direction. Hot pink, organized in a silver case and ready for action, Femme Tools are designed for women, but perfectly suited for us gays.

There’s everything we need to construct a stage and put on a musical revue (hammer, mini saw, and four screwdrivers), throw together a few costumes (scissors and glue), and audition a leading man (measuring tape).

The kit even comes with white gloves so we can keep our manicure sharp, as well as set of bandages just in case we get a little too zealous in our newfound DIY powers.

After all, wouldn’t be a good nailing without a little blood.

Femme Tools