Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Who, What, Where, Whim

dal-08_29_13(2)It’s Thursday.

Monday is Labor Day.

And that means you’ve got a long weekend. Pity to waste it hanging out in Dallas when there’s something so enticing gently whispering your name in the wind, beckoning you to its swampy-aired heat for shirtless shenanigans in the streets of the French Quarter.

Yes, it’s Southern Decadence this weekend and after years of hurricanes and tropical storms ruining things for thousands of gay revelers, we’ve finally been granted a reprieve from Mother Nature.

Sunny, highs in the low 90s and ice-cold beer at every turn. That’s your weekend forecast.

Head to New Orleans any way you can (it’s really not a bad road trip if you take friends to help with the drive). Or perhaps somebody you know has some Southwest Airlines miles they’re just dying to unload on cute, little ol’ you.

Better still, Travelocity is having a last-minute Labor Day sale with up to 50% off hotels. Or send us your photo. We’ll be there and if you’re hot, we just might be able to squeeze you into our queen-sized bed. (And don’t worry, even if you’re not hot, there’s always the floor.)

So dive into your costume closet and pull out those feather headdresses (you know you have them), or simply pack a carryon with one swimsuit, one pair of short-shorts and clean underwear for each day you’re there and you’ll be all set.

Shoes and a toothbrush would probably be a good idea, too.

Southern Decadence 2013
Now through September 2
New Orleans, Louisiana