Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Watch Your Elbows


If you’re like us, you’ll be among millions of Americans flying somewhere this weekend. And if you’re really like us, you’ll have a major case of beverage cart envy on your flight.

We’ve always had an unhealthy infatuation with all the equipment and accessories that flight attendants use, but we’ve always desperately wanted one of their rolling beverage carts to serve guests tiny bottles of booze to mix their own cocktails at their seats.

Now, our dream can be your reality thanks to Bordbar, a German company that’s repurposing both new and used airline beverage carts for home use.

What’s really cool is that they can be fully customized with everything from shelves that hold full-size wine bottles to glass-front LED-lit shelves to display big-boy size liquor bottles. You can even select an option that holds Nespresso pods if you want to have a rolling coffee cart instead.

There’s also a Pan Am branded collection for extra kitsch appeal.

Because the carts are coming from Germany, shipping isn’t cheap and you’ll have to convert the price from Euros. But it’s all worth it to have the coolest bar on your block.

Should you need to purchase your own tiny bags of peanuts, we’re more than happy to provide a link.

Bordbar Beverage Carts
From approximately $1300 U.S.