Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beauty On Board


If you ever come over to our house, use caution when opening up the cabinets in our bathroom. Because we buy all of our grooming products in gallon-size drums, one false move could send you running for the door like Indiana Jones escaping from a massive bottle of shampoo.

So for obvious reasons, this creates a challenge when we travel by air. Squeezing everything we need to keep our skin hydrated and beautiful into individual three-ounce containers would be so time consuming it simply wouldn’t be worth the effort. Or the mess.

But there’s a solution coming to a major airport near you from our good friends over at 3FLOZ. From JFK in New York and McCarran in Las Vegas to Bush Intercontinental in Houston and DFW in Dallas-Fort Worth, kiosks will be popping up in terminals all over the U.S.. And they’ll be filled with high-quality grooming products in security-friendly three-ounce sizes or less.

Choose from top brands, including Jack Black, Anthony for Men, and Malin + Goetz. The Men’s Essentials Kit includes Jack Black Beard Lube, Anthony for Men Alcohol Free Deodorant, Anthony for Men Citrus Cleansing Gel and Anthony for Men All Purpose Moisturizer.

There are even Jet Lag kits complete with puffiness-reducing eye patches and caffeine pills for a quick pick-me-up.

Now if only they’d create an Annoying Seatmate Kit with earplugs. Or better still, a Hunky Seatmate Kit with breath mints. And roofies.

3FLOZ Men’s Essentials Kit
Coming soon to an airport near you.