Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Door To Your Soul


We once had a nightmare where our appliances could talk. Our Keurig was spewing hate speech, the blender was screaming in pain and our bread maker was crying about why it never gets used.

But what does our refrigerator say about us?

That’s the central question at the heart of one hilarious new dating advice site called Check Their Fridge. The idea is simple. Send a photo of the refrigerator contents of the person you’re dating (or a snap of your own Frigidaire) and John Stonehill, R.D.E. will post his wise assessment online.

Note those serious credentials. Not everyone can boast being a Refrigerator Dating Expert.

The site started out for the hetero dating world, which with all its processed cheese foods and gallons of mayo would surely keep the ice box analysis biz lucrative for decades. But like pro sports and bad neighborhoods, the gays moved in (check out Fridge Post #13).

For queers and straights alike, Stonehill delivers no-holds-barred commentary. Then on a scale of one to 10, he sums it all up with a snapshot of how bangable a person is on the first date, whether they’re marriage material, and even their Boil Your Bunny potential.

So we decided to put him to the test and send him a snapshot of our fridge, completely unstaged (yes, we always make sure our labels are facing out). And the results (Fridge Post #18) are definitely more accurate than any psychic reading we’ve ever received.

And sure as hell more entertaining.

Check Their Fridge