Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sudsy Three-Way


The last time we had a three-way in the shower, it was before we replaced the original lightbulb with a fluorescent. And that was four years ago.

But we finally broke our dry spell and had another three-way just this morning.

Introducing the Bro Bar, a 100% vegan, multi-function soap that works as a body soap, shave cream and shampoo all in one.

Developed by Katherine Goldman, celebrity waxologist and founder/owner of Stript Wax Bar in San Francisco, it has a nice amount of lather for all your cleansing needs, plus we’re told there are natural antiseptic properties that help to heal burns, cuts, infections and scrapes as you go. (So feel free to play with knives in the bathtub again!)

Best of all, the bar has a masculine and refreshing fragrance that has kept our nose glued to our inner arm all day to get repeat whiffs.

If only Bro Bar were also a pub where bi-curious frat boys hung out, we could grab two dudes, bring along the soap and finally have a six-way without having to find a bigger shower.

Ah, Gay First World problems.

Bro Bar