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Keep Your Friends Cloze


Ain’t nobody got time for this.

Twitter. Facebook. Gmail. LinkedIn. iCloud. AOL Mail (seriously, old-timers?).

It’s bad enough we have so many different platforms to track, but we’ve also got different contacts in each. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of staying up-to-date.

But that’s why some computer geniuses created Cloze, a free app that combines all your relationships into a single view so you can keep track of everyone you wish to cyberstalk follow. The software learns who you contact most (and vice versa), keeping tabs on every tweet, post and email.

Everything is delivered to one inbox, which means you can like, comment, retweet and share from a single window and take care of certain commands with one swipe of your finger.

Getting everything into one place is a really good thing because we haven’t even connected all of our various accounts and we just received this message from Cloze:

We found 4010 people in your network
You have relationships with 337 of these people
Your email and social timeline is from Mar 15, 2005 to 29 minutes ago
We’ve analyzed 37703 of your email and social messages

Yeah, we’re gonna need another cup of coffee to get through all of this.

Maybe even a hit of speed.

Cloze App
Free download for iPhone and iPad