Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sweet Sixteen


We were so excited to attend Fashion Week this year! Full disclosure, that’s the name of the clearance sale at our local thrift store, but we scored some really hot duds and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We’re just not sure if everything is on trend.

So when we want to find out about the latest in fashion, we’ve found a new source to turn to: Scout Sixteen, a New York-based lifestyle blog from editor Justin Livingston (above). As you can see, he’s magically delicious. But also extremely knowledgable and immensely talented.

He’s frequently the model for his fashion posts, which nobody will ever object to, but it’s his eye for everyday style that makes his blog so accessible. This isn’t your typical fashion site where everything pictured costs thousands of dollars and only comes in waist size 26.

Justin also writes about interiors, travel and food. Because like any good scout, he’s got a wide range of skills.

But we’re pretty sure he hates camping.

Scout Sixteen