Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ruff Break


You just broke up with your boyfriend. But there’s still another bitch to deal with.

And likely, her name is Dorothy. Or Duchess. Perhaps Gwyneth.

Yes, too often it’s the pets who suffer most when a relationship hits the skids. The sudden absence of one doggy daddy can’t be explained to them and pet psychics can be way too expensive.

But more importantly, if both of you love your dog the issue of custody could be the biggest battle of them all. Unlike children, there’s not as much available on how to deal with this unique issue. And many people will think you’re just plain crazy for even caring who gets the pooch in the split.

That’s where What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet with an Ex will become your most valuable resource if this sad day ever arises. Written by vet industry expert Steven May and divorce attorney David Thomas Pisarra about their own breakup and the dog they shared afterward, it deals with everything from sharing multiple pets, how to prove ownership of the pet and setting up a detailed parenting plan.

The dog will be happy, but best of all, you’ll have continuous access to a cute and cuddly way to attract new guys on the jogging trail.

And in that scenario, everybody wins.

What About Wally?, $11.69