Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fast. But No So Fast.


When you see a restaurant with a drive-thru, you pretty much know what to expect inside your brown paper bag: Flavorless Sadness in a wrapper.

But not at Becks Prime, the Houston-based fast-ish food restaurant that will forever change what you expect when ordering at a counter or speaker box.

The newest location on Oak Lawn, however, doesn’t even have a drive-thru, but you can order and pay online then grab-and-go from the convenient pick-up window without waiting in line inside.

Because there will be a line once people in the neighborhood discover the greatness of Becks, where meat is ground fresh each morning for its thick-and-juicy burgers, hearty salads are from-the-garden fresh, and Certified Angus Beef steaks are grilled over a 1000-degree mesquite coal fire.

Health-conscious diners will enjoy Becks, too, thanks to lighter fare like the seared Ahi tuna sandwich with feta, cucumber, red onion and tomato (above). Or get a delectable grilled chicken breast served with a medley of eight different vegetables. Even the steaks here are remarkably good and incredibly affordable.

Add an ice-cold beer or rich strawberry milkshake and you’ve got yourself one happy meal.

F@#! the toy.

Becks Prime
4002 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
(214)  559-4120