Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Doggie Dinner Delivered


We’ve got three dogs at home. And that means we buy a lot of dog food. Heavy bags of dog food. Spine-crushing bushels of kibble and an abundance of bits.

We’re important people. Why can’t somebody else do the heavy lifting?

Well now, there’s somebody who can and cheerfully will tackle the task. His name is Taylor Garrett (above) and his company is Neighborhood Pet Food Delivery.

You may remember Taylor from the Logo reality series, The A-List: Dallas. But now you’ll know him as the superhero who swoops in with dog or cat food just when you need it. He only carries the highest quality brands available, as well as supplements, shampoos and adorable toys.

Best of all, local delivery is free.

Sure hope he’s wearing a back brace.


Photo Credit: Beau Bumpas