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Slim & Hard


Damn our iPhone. Damn it to Hell. (Or damn it to Heck if you don’t believe in Hell.)

If it wasn’t so easy to take photos on our smartphone, we might not have a whopping 47GB worth of memories taking up space on our already maxed-out laptop hard drive.

That means we’ve got to turn to an external hard drive, not just to save our precious photos of friends, family and the occasional male stripper, but to also back up all of our important files.

Thankfully there’s one that won’t take up much space at all: The Seagate Slim portable drive, available for Windows or Mac for quick, easy, automatic backups.

The Seagate Slim can even automatically save photos from your social networks, as well as make it easier than ever to share photos and videos to your social networks.

Smaller than most wallets, the super-thin drive can be taken with you anywhere. And with 500GB of storage space, it’ll take a whole lot of selfies before this sucker reaches capacity.

Finding time to view all those photos? Well, that’s a whole other problem altogether.

Seagate Slim 500GB Portable Drive, $79.99