Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Another Modern Family


If you need to add just one ABC sitcom to your schedule this season, skip the almost unbearably unfunny ‘80s show, The Goldbergs (maybe it’ll get better after the pilot) and set your DVR for Trophy Wife.

Of all the shows we’ve previewed for the new season, this is the only one that’s made us laugh out loud from smart writing, excellent casting, and mostly original situations.

The story follows a party girl (Malin Åkerman) who literally falls head over heels for an older man (Bradley Whitford), whom she marries, gaining an instant family in the process— including his first two ex-wives, played by the deliciously bitchy Marcia Gay Harden and the wonderfully quirky Michaela Watkins.

The tension between the ex-wives and the much younger new bride is palpable, but most importantly, funny as hell.

Plus, we’re much cuter than Bradley Whitford so we’re reassured that a trophy husband is entirely possible in our future.

Or at the very least, a trophy trick.

Trophy Wife
Premieres tomorrow