Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sleeping Around Dallas: NYLO


As most of you know intimately and in great detail, we get around. At least twice a week we wake up in a bed other than our own. Fortunately, at least one of those days is usually at a hotel. The other, we’ll never tell.

And one of our favorite local chains for a weekend getaway is NYLO with three area properties.

We just wish there were NYLO Hotels all over the country (besides the one in New York City and the other in Rhode Island) because this is our kind of place. Fresh, modern and minimalist without ever skimping, the rooms are affordable and the overall atmosphere is one of vibrancy and youth.

Each location features a wonderful restaurant (especially the incredibly fresh and inventive sushi at the Irving/Las Colinas location). The South Side NYLO pool deck and SODA bar feature one of the best views of Downtown Dallas you’ll find anywhere in the city. And the Plano property has a fab outdoor patio with a stunning poolside fireplace that sets the mood for a night of relaxing fun.

Inside the rooms, the concrete floors gleam with the reassurance that they’re clean and sanitary, unlike the icky carpets of most hotels. The bathrooms are spacious with sexy walk-in showers. And the beds are among the most comfortable we’ve ever spent time in.

One of these days, we’ll actually sleep in one.

NYLO Hotels, from $110 per night
South Side, Plano, Las Colinas