Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Avenue You

usa-09_27_13We’ve spent a lot of time on street corners. But you’ve seen our Lifetime Original Movie, so that’s probably not breaking news.

However, there’s a company out there that’s got a really cool concept for art with a very personal touch.

It’s called Picture Your Street, and they’ve got a database of real photos of street signs with hundreds of common names. You can purchase single names or group in pairs, threes or fours to include the moniker of a partner or those of your entire family.

And with all the gay weddings we’re suddenly getting invited to these days, this just might become our go-to, more-thoughtful-than-yours wedding gift for the gays who have everything.

Picture Your Street can send your selections either framed or unframed, but no matter your choice, they arrive in the most secure packaging we’ve ever seen. That means there’s very little chance of the print arriving damaged. We love that attention to detail.

And if you don’t see your name, you can request that they find one, and they’ll do their very best to locate and photograph the real deal.

Which will be much easier if your name is, oh, Main, Elm, or Martin Luther King.

Picture Your Street
Single Photo (Unframed), $25