Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Picking Up Guys


Ever since a good friend had a tragic drunk driving experience, we’ve pledged to always arrange for a designated driver or a car service. No exceptions. And Uber has been our go-to ride of choice. It’s easy, convenient, and not that much more than a cab. But a ton easier to get than a taxi in this city.

Yet even though we’ll be Uber supporters for life, we know that competition is good. Today, that competition arrives in the form of Lyft.

What makes Lyft different is that it’s regular people with their personal cars (2000 models or newer) adorned with a pink fuzzy mustache on the grill. You’ll be greeted by a fist bump, which is a little Sup, Bro! for us, but we’ll go with it because they seem like fun.

Similar to Uber, you download an app and when you’re ready for a ride, you can see in real time and distance where the nearest car is. Your credit card info’s stored, so you don’t have to worry about cash or crabby cab drivers who refuse to take your MasterCard even though they’ve got a giant logo on their window.

What’s really cool about Lyft is that you can become a driver yourself. If you want to make some extra cash (up to $35/hour, we’re told) simply sign up and they’ll do a DMV background check on you and some other vetting to make sure you’re a good driver.  They’ll even provide you with $1 million in excess liability insurance.

Find out more tonight at a free party and walk away with $50 in Lyft credit, too. Just download the app and show it at the door.

Then jump in a car with a stranger and hope he’s cute!

Lyft App, free
Download at www.lyft.me

Party tonight, 7:00-11:00 p.m.
2410 Farrington Street, Dallas
Register at eventbrite.com or show up with the app already downloaded to gain access.