Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Freck, Yeah!


Ever since we were kids, we’ve had a Ginger fetish, mainly an obsession with the movie star on Gilligan’s Island reruns. Mostly because we wanted to be her.

Then as we grew older, our tastes turned toward crimson-haired studs with porcelain skin and perky pink nipples. But there’s a huge gap in how the world perceives redheaded women (exotic) and redheaded men (freaks).

We blame years of movies depicting ruby-locked boys as evil, mischievous monsters. (See: Children of the Corn’s Malachai; A Christmas Story’s Scut Farkus; or Problem Child’s Junior.

Thankfully, there’s Red Hot, a new exhibit opening in London later this year from photographer Thomas Knights, a natural red head who aims to change the perception of carrot-topped men with a stunning collection of fellas that are prime specimens of masculinity and model good looks.

Now, we know most of us won’t be able to make it to London to see this in person, but we’ve got the next best thing for your Thursday viewing pleasure. Check out the video below and try not to fall in love with a Gingy of your very own.

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