Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Little Siss Sunshine


If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, chances are high that you’ve seen the stage production of Del Shores’ Southern Baptist Sissies, which has been performed here on numerous occasions.

Next Thursday, October 10, you have the chance to attend the Texas premiere of the film version starring many of Del’s favorite actors from his long history in theater and film, including Sordid Lives favorites Leslie Jordan, Newell and Rosemary Alexander, and Ann Walker.

The story follows four boys who are gay, growing up in the Southern Baptist Church. Each of them copes with their sexual identity in vastly different ways, all trying to find a way to reconcile the teachings of the church with the feelings in their souls.

What’s interesting about this movie is what initially caught us off-guard. Rather than expanding the world outside the staged production, Del decided instead to film the play in front of live audiences, so you get that same feeling of being at a live show, complete with audience laughter and reaction.

Utilizing film, however, he’s able to get close-ups and cutaways between characters for a much more in-depth experience that’s deeper without sacrificing the theatrical structure that accentuates the drama in a way that a location shoot could never achieve.

Of course, our favorite scenes (other than the nude post-baptism one) involve Leslie Jordan and Dale Dickey as a couple of drunks pondering life from the cocktail table of a smoke-filled gay bar.

That’s where we worship, so it makes us feel pangs of nostalgia with every sip they take.

Southern Baptist Sissies
Texas Premiere October 10, 8:00 p.m.

Tickets: $15 (film only); $20 (film and after party)
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