Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hippie Ending


Put away the bong and Cheetos and break out the silver candelabra and fine china.

Incense has just gone upscale.

Once associated with hippies, stoners and lesbians trying to cover up the smell of all those litter boxes, incense often gets a really bad rap. Because most of it—if you shop at dollar stores and car washes like we do—is just plain nasty.

Not Beatnik Emptiness Incense Cones. Made from natural wood powders, each Madonna bra-inspired cone is steeped in super-concentrated fragrance. Except these aromatics provide high-quality, hand-blended bursts of nasal pleasure that last a full 20 minutes.

Utilizing the concepts of fine perfumery, they’ve created fragrances that are pleasing and will not invoke any PPDD (Post-Patchouli Distress Disorder). Our favorite of the three just-released scents is Vamps and Violets, partly because the description is “androgynous floral.” But also because it transforms from sweet violet notes when unlit to black leather when set ablaze.

Finally, that warm leather scent won’t be designated only to our sex dungeon.

Beatnik Emptiness, $19.99 (20 cones)