Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Service Your Belly


Dealing with customers suck. They’re rude, picky, and often bad tippers.

So if you’re a server, cook, dish washer, hair stylist or anyone who serves others for a living, tonight’s your night because Belly & Trumpet has just launched a new Service Industry Night every Monday. Simply show a pay stub, ID badge, or anything to prove that you work in the biz and you’ll enjoy 50% off all food on the menu.

That includes Monday-night-only items such as grilled lamb rib sliders, whole fried Branzino or blue crab beignets.

Or venture to the regular menu for a plate of thinly sliced Benton’s Country Ham, a plate of freshly shucked East Coast oysters, a killer watermelon salad with cashews and thai chili, or monkfish prepared with not one, but three kinds of bacon.

But if you want a dish that you’ll remember for many Monday nights to come, check out the whole cornish game hen. Because it’s not what you think. The chef gods have removed all the bones, stuffed the succulent meat back into the skin and cooked it up crisp and juicy before plating it with three ounces of foie gras and a sweet corn purée. Wow is quite possibly the only word to describe it.

Of course, even if you’re not in the service industry, the newly revamped menu at Belly & Trumpet is a must-try. Bring friends because you’re going to want to share.

And if you’re lucky, there could be a cute bartender at the next table. Because he’s not at work shaking up cocktails, it’s up to you to find something else for him to do with his hands.

Feed you a trio of chocolate semifreddo, perhaps.

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