Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hang Ten, Jesus!


We’re not much into sports. Or church. But combine the two and we’ll head the locker room potluck dinner committee.

The unholy combination of athletics and religion is the subject of an irreverent, sacrilegious little board book that looks like it should be for children with its vibrantly colored lenticular cover, but you’ll quickly realize otherwise. Jesus on a surfboard riding a wave is clue enough.

It’s called Almighty Sports with Jesus.

Inside, you’ll find all the Bible superstars (Moses, John the Baptist, Satan) participating in various sports with witty text from Sam Stall (author of Dancing with Jesus).

If nothing else, placing it prominently on your sofa table will ensure lively discussions with family and friends.

Mostly of the “You’re going to Hell” type, but still beats awkward silence.

Almighty Sports with Jesus, $9.32
by Sam Stall