Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Thirsty Thursday: Brrrrrrewskis!


Hot beer is like bad sex. It’s still better than nothing at all, but it’s not going to make us clamor for round two.

But there’s a solution (for the beer issue, at least) from the people that brought us our favorite savior of white wine, the Corksicle.

It’s called Chillsner and it’s the first-ever, in-bottle beer chiller that you can actually keep in the bottle while you drink. Simply freeze the inserts then stick in your bottle before sipping your favorite brew (chugging is no longer necessary).

Each Chillsner keeps a beer cold up to 45 minutes, so that pretty much means one will last us through approximately five longnecks. Multiply that by an average night out of four hours, divide by 45, carry the two…

Yep, we’re gonna need to keep a stash of about six of these on standby. But as God is our witness, we’ll never drink warm Stella again!

Chillsner by Corksicle, $29.95
Includes: 2 Chillsners, 1 Freezer Storage Case, and 2 Instructional Coasters.