Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lunch On The Dee-List


Burgers for lunch are as American as apple pie-flavored body paint.

Yet because Dallas has more than its fair share of burger joints, it can be a difficult task to find the best of the bunch. Lucky for you (and the makers of Lipitor), we get more beef in our mouths than the average citizen.

And we’re pleased to announce that the recently opened Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger bar finds the creator of Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse back in her grindhouse wheelhouse. She’s still got great steaks on the menu (including an incredible beef tenderloin salad with crispy brussels sprouts, greens, blue cheese and bacon vinaigrette), but the burgers are the star attraction.

There are more options available at lunch, so that’s the best time to do a more scientific sampling. Start with The Cowboy, which features crispy onion shavings, molasses glaze and pepper jack cheese for a sweet-and-spicy combo that’s as delicious as it is unusual. Meanwhile, The Voodoo brings a crab cake into the mix, South of the Border takes advantage of a spicy chorizo chili and The Benedict will wake you up with a sunny side up egg and velvety béarnaise.

Add on some hand-cut Kennebec fries or a mountain of mammoth onion rings and you’ll never once miss your knife and fork.

But you will need several napkins.

And a second stomach for a slice of Cocoa Cola Fudge Cake.

Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger
2626 Howell Street, Dallas

Photo Credit: Claire McCormack