Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spray For Forgiveness


As our barista’s forehead tattoo declares, “Mean people suck.”

And we don’t want to be guilty of self-sucking, so we’ve found a preventive treatment for a sour disposition.

Say hello and wrap your hands around Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays.

These ready-to-use aromatherapy misters utilize special blends of essential oils and other all-natural ingredients to combat aggressiveness (cedar, frankincense, orange and rose geranium); apathy (pink grapefruit and green herbs); ego (French lavender, citrus and bay leaves); and passiveness (jasmine, ylang-ylang,and fresh-peeled orange).

Simply spray in the steam of your morning shower, squirt a little in your car, or spritz directly onto that bitch from accounting.

Then sit back and see if our barista’s stamp tramp, “Happiness is contagious,” has any validity.

[color-box]Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays, $25