Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Summer Lovin’


All hail the Queen of Disco. (This requires doing the hustle or a little Travolta pointing, just FYI.)

Then prepare your iPod for a blast from the past with the Donna Summer tribute album, Love to Love You Donna.

It’s a reworked and remastered collection of her greatest hits, as re-imagined by Afrojack, Hot Chip, Laidback Luke, Masters at Work and Giorgio Moroder, among many others. There’s still that great disco sound, but with a bit of modern sensibility.

The album is a wonderful tribute to the late singer and we can’t help but flash back to the 1970s and picture our gay forefathers dancing to every song with passion and joy.

Hot stuff, indeed.

Love to Love You Donna
$9.99 (Digital) on iTunes
$10.00 (CD) at amazon.com