Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slippery When Wed


With gay marriage legal in just a few states, chances are you’ll be going out of town to exchange vows. And then flying somewhere else for your Big Gay Honeymoon.

But if you’re like us, it doesn’t make sense to travel with our five-gallon, motion-sensor, heated lube pump. (Trust us, the TSA doesn’t enjoy our colorful descriptions of how it will be used.)

That’s where Überlube comes in.

usa-10_29_13(3)The luxury lubricant is available in a sexy, refillable travel version that fits right in your pocket (or other spacious openings). Yet what makes this lube so great it’s got a veritable Hints from Heloise list of possible uses.

It can be used to increase shine and make hair frizz-free. Use in the pool and it protects hair by blocking chlorine. If you’re an athlete, it eliminates chafing caused by running, swimming, biking or vigorous ballroom dancing.

Also, man-on-man activities.

It only takes couple of drops because it’s so expertly formulated. That means a small bottle can last a really long time. Plus, it’s scentless, non-sticky, non-staining and tasteless.

You know, if you want to use it as a knife coating when you cut your wedding cake.

Or as a dressing on your tossed salad.

Überlube, $28 (travel size with refills)
Purchase at amazon.com