Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ring In The Holidays


For many gays, it’s going to be a very marry Christmas. So that means lots of guys will be down on their knees.

And also popping the big question.

But we’re not exactly going to hit up Zales for his-and-his rings. Because for us, every kiss begins with gay.

So we suggest checking out Nine-Eighteen, a jewelry concierge service and boutique co-owned by the fabulous Darin Kunz and his sister, Kim Burgan. They’ve already reported a huge increase in same-sex couples as clients and predict this holiday season to see an even larger number of engagements than ever before.

Nine-Eighteen carries jewelry that runs the gamut of styles from the world’s best designers. Or, if you want something truly special, let Darin and Kim help design a custom piece that reflects your own personal style or contains elements significant to you and your soon-to-be-betrothed.

The shopping experience itself is also unlike anything you’ll find in a mall jeweler. Instead of glass cases, desperate sales people and intimidating security guards, you’ll be treated to a comfortable conversation that’s more like chatting with friends in their living room.

Now all you need is an idea for the most elaborate proposal ever.

Just remember, flash mobs are annoying.

Appointments Only, Monday – Saturday
3131 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Suite 915, Dallas