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Drink Beer With Your iPhone


If there’s one thing we learned during our brief-and-terrible stint in the Boy Scouts, it’s to always be prepared. And also how to hide our boner while horseback riding.

Even as adults, we still remember our Den Mother drilling into us the importance of being able to handle nearly any situation that comes our way. Especially in the form of unopened beer bottles and a group of thirsty friends. (She was kind of a drunk. We really should’ve gotten along better.)

Meet the ReadyCase for iPhone, a multi-tasking protective case that’s filled with features at a slim 3mm thick.

There’s a metal multi-tool with a bottle opener, screwdriver and serrated blade for all your boozing, screwing and stabbing needs. The headphone clip allows for convenient storage of your earbuds. And a USB storage stick does double-duty as a stand that will hold your iPhone at three different angles, perfect for watching videos or starring in your own masterpieces.

Finally, there are three different camera lenses (macro, wide angle, and fish-eye) for getting those artsy shots previously unattainable with the camera app alone.

If only it had a place for a credit card and ID, we’d never need to leave home with anything else.

Except, of course, clean underwear. Our Den Mother was pretty adamant about that, too.

ReadyCase for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, $45
Includes 4GB USB drive. Add $10 for 8GB.