Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fishy Business


On Survivor, fire represents life. In a sushi restaurant, it chars the fish. And if people wanted poorly cooked fish, they’d go to Long John Silver’s.

When Oishii caught fire late last year, it was a sad day for owner Thanh Nguyen (above), but also diners all over Oak Lawn who have such devotion to this Pan-Asian oasis in the middle of the strip center that houses two of our favorite gay bars, The Brick and Joe’s.

But they’re back, baby, and better than ever. The interiors have been spruced up and Thanh is turning out all sorts of ultra-fresh sushi, along with plenty of non-raw-seafood delights for those who aren’t hip to the whole uncooked thing.

If you are a sushi lover, then go off menu and order our two favorite rolls. We don’t like nori, so the Summer roll with crab, salmon and cucumber (no rice) is light and healthy. The other, the Tribeca Roll, is more of a sushi-like sandwich with shrimp cracker, salmon, avocado, sticky rice and truffle oil. You can even eat it with your hands.

One dish that defies logic is the Signature Orange Chicken. In most Asian restaurants, this consists of overly breaded, heat-lamp-ruined pieces of mystery poultry parts topped with a cloyingly sweet orange-ish sauce. Here, you’ll find large pieces of white meat chicken, lightly battered and served piping hot with a delicately balanced sauce that’s perfectly sweet, spicy and savory all at once.

Of course, there’s plenty more to love, but half the fun of a restaurant like this is discovering your own favorites, of which you’ll leave with many. After all, the word Oishii translates to delicious. And we’re proud to say that they live up to their name in a big way.

Welcome back to the neighborhood, our delicious friend.

2525 Wycliff Avenue, Suite 110, Dallas