Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Waze To Go


Sometimes, the lady in the GPS feels like our only friend.

Day in and day out, she guides us to the far-flung parts of Dallas that we’ve never been and she never argues with us when we need someone to just listen. Unless of course, we miss a U-Turn. Then she’s a total bitch.

But there’s a new turn-by-turn GPS app that relies on the power of real people to get you where you’re going quickly and safely. It’s called Waze and Dallas has a very active user base.

This is important because Waze users are able to easily report accidents, police activity and traffic jams in real-time, which the app then uses to give you the most efficient route. It can even direct you to the cheapest gas in the area, based on user reports.

Maps, too, are consistently updated by a team of Waze editors to incorporate road closures or real inaccuracies that can keep you from getting to your destination.

Because when it’s 6:45 and Happy Hour ends at 7:00, every second counts.

Waze, Free Download
Available for iPhone on iTunes; for Android at google.com