Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

D Day


Yesterday, Celine Dion released her first English language album in six years. (Apparently her Klingon reworking of 1992’s Celine Dion was a lackluster failure, even among die-hard French Canadian Trekkies.)

Long-time Gay List Daily subscribers know that we’re not that fond of the French-spouting chanteuse, but far be it from us to let our personal opinion of cloying pop music prevent us from reporting on her latest melodic moans and groans.

Yet against all odds, we actually kinda sorta really like Loved Me Back To Life, both the album and the title track. Perhaps it’s the collaboration with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo and Diane Warren that finds us in a blissful state of non-hate.

Or perhaps this is the next sign of the apocalypse.

Either way, we know what will be playing in the background when the earth opens up and swallows us whole.

Seems rather fitting, doesn’t it?

Loved Me Back To Life, Celine Dion
$11.99 on iTunes
$9.99 CD at amazon.com