Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Try A Little Tenderness


Fried chicken: our one guilty pleasure.

OK, nobody believes that statistic, but fried chicken is quite possibly the single food obsession we crave at least once a week, especially in the coveted tender form.

And as rare as it is for us to sing the praises of a fast-food chain, Golden Chick is at least based in Dallas. Plus, they serve up some of the best darn chicken tenders anywhere in town, so that goes a long way with us.

Not all Golden Chick restaurants are created equally, though. Some are flat-out dumps. But the newest location on the southbound side of 75 at Meadow Road is a beacon of deep-fried poultry goodness. Built from the ground up, the store is clean, modern and conveniently located for us city slickers.

They even have free Wi-Fi, which means you’d probably be surprised at how many Gay List Daily stories have been written with a yeast roll in one hand and gravy-covered knuckles on the other.

Our favorite meal is the #1, which includes four tenders, a side (with options that include a nice little green salad, mac-and-cheese and fried okra), gravy or house-made honey mustard, a yeast roll, and a 32-ounce drink. Order it half-and-half and they’ll sprinkle two of the tenders with a spicy seasoned salt.

For the health conscious, they offer a variety of entree salads (above), which can be ordered with grilled tenders to make your inner Richard Simmons smile. (Though he’d probably still find a reason to cry.)

Dine inside and during peak hours they walk around with a basket of extra rolls. Or skip those carbs and substitute a free soft-serve cone on your way out.

Because ice cream is our one guilty pleasure…

Golden Chick
10443 N Central Expressway, Dallas