Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

20 Minutes to Mexico


We love traveling to our south-of-the-border neighbor, but hate those invasive cavity searches at the immigration checkpoint. (Well, unless the agent’s cute.)

Sadly, vacationing in Mexico isn’t something we get to do as often as we like. But that isn’t going to stop us from treating ourselves to the authentic flavors of the nation without having to schlep to a local restaurant.

Introducing Mölli Sauces from Dallas residents Rodrigo and Leticia Salas. Inspired by their Mexican heritage and passion for cooking, they’ve created a full line of sauces that when combined with meats, seafood or vegetables can create delectable meals in just 20 minutes with easy-to-execute recipes.

Our favorite is the Mexico City sauce, a super-spicy arbol chile and tomatillo blend that makes an excellent topping for enchiladas.

The Morelos falls more toward the mild side of the spice scale with smoky chipotle, tomatillo and tomato that can simply be poured over chicken, beef or pork for instant complexity. It’s also great in scrambled eggs.

There are plans to expand the line with several more sauces, but for now these two have us yearning for a trip to Mexico City.

And a five-minute romance with a border patrol agent.

Mölli Cooking Sauces, $7.95