Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shirty Work


Unlike our female counterparts, we really look forward to that time of the month. It’s a day that marks the arrival of something fantastic at our front door (and not just that oddly hot 27-year-old mailman that just took over our route).

Because we’re proud members of the I Heart Gay Bars T-Shirt Club, each month we get a new graphic tee handpicked by the owners from their worldwide travels.  Plus, they include a postcard with photos and information about the gay bar represented by the shirt. Sort of like a queer history lesson and a mini travel guide all rolled into one.

The shirts are made from 60% cotton, 40% polyester (our only gripe), but they’re so much fun to wear that we hardly notice the synthetic component. They make for perfect Sunday Fun-Day apparel or an ideal wardrobe staple for your next gay cruise.

Membership is just $24 per month and if you join before the end of November, you can get an extra shirt absolutely free.

Kinda like happy hour for clothes.

I Heart Gay Bars T-Shirt Club, $24 per month