Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Father Cooks Best


Move over Martha Stewart, there’s a new man in town. His voice may not be as deep and he may not have hands as big and hairy, but he’s got you matched in every way in the kitchen, dining room and behind the craft table.

He’s the Domestic Daddy and he’s got a lifestyle site that is exactly what you need to help with all those holiday party dilemmas.

Whether it’s setting up a cocktail party, whipping together a tasty spread, or decorating the table, he’s got easy-to-execute, time-saving tips. That’s because this handsome gay man and his partner are the proud fathers of a five-year-old girl, leaving them less time for putting together dinner for friends, but still making it just as wonderful.

That’s the basic idea behind this how-to blog, complete with step-by-step instructions and videos to prove that parenthood (or anything that takes up a big chunk of your time) doesn’t have to limit the fabulousness you surround yourself with in daily life.

He’s got tips on DIY home design and entertaining, as well as delicious recipes for cocktails and food.

His husband and daughter sure are two really lucky people to have this kind of domestic talent under their roof.

All we know is our dad never taught us how to make mini pumpkin crème brûlée. Or throw a football.

Funny how the brûlée thing is what we regret most.

Domestic Daddy