Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bed Hopping


There’s so much more to traveling than a make-your-own waffle bar.

Part of the fun of visiting another city is living like a local. And that’s not easy to do in a hotel room with walls so thin you can hear every thrust and giggle from the straight couple next door. Ick.

So we often rent out a home or apartment to really become immersed in a culture, whether it’s the gay scene in West Hollywood or the hustle and bustle lifestyle of drag-queen safari guides in the Serengeti.

It took some research to find just the right spot, but now there’s a much easier way to be your big gay self. Anywhere in the world.

Introducing Misterbnb, a new web site dedicated to short-term home and apartment rentals around the world, focused on the gay traveler. That means all owners are gay themselves, or open-minded enough to not judge when we ask how many grown men the shower in the master bathroom can accommodate.

Renting a space, especially when vacationing for several nights, can be a really affordable way to travel, too. And it’s even better when traveling with a group. (Make sure to click the currency marker in the top left corner of the home page to see rates in U.S. dollars, by the way).

Best of all, as a part of the Misterbnb community, you can list your own space to earn extra money while you’re out exploring the globe.

It’s quite possibly the first time you’ll have a stranger in your bed and you get paid.