Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hot Holiday Gift Guy


Finding the perfect gift for someone can be an exercise in futility sometimes, especially when trying to find the latest and greatest products.

That’s why many people turn to us gays to help them wow their loved ones.  So this year, we decided to let another gay do all the work.

His name is Steve Noviello and he’s our go-to guy for great deals on everything year-round, but we need his advice even more when it comes to holiday gifts.

The Sexiest Man at Fox 4 (who loves a good selfie – see above from his Facebook page) has created shopping lists with the top 10 toys, as well as great gifts for girls, boys, tweens and guys. There are lists for home goods, gifts that give back to charity and gifts for under twenty bucks.

Everything’s there from a big, pretty picture for each item, along with a link to pricing and where to purchase.

Click your mouse three times and your wish for easy holiday shopping is no longer a fantasy.

A candlelit dinner with Steve, well, we consider that more of a goal.

Steve Noviello’s Holiday Gift Guides